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by - March 08, 2019

You probably clicked on this post because you think it is ridiculous. You think it is improbable that someone could teach you how to be interesting. But you clicked anyway. Because, these days, with things happening so much on the internet, you probably think ‘you never know. Maybe she’ll have some amazing ideas I could adopt.‘

… And you clicked!

I know first-hand that you can stumble upon some articles/ blog posts on the internet you are almost a hundred percent sure will tell what you already know. 

They, 95% of the times, end up telling you what you already know.

But you still read because of that 5%. And I call it ‘what if…?’ What if the author really knows something I don’t? what if this could be THE article I’ve been waiting for? 

Only one way to find out. Could this be your post? Read on!

How can you be interesting?

My answer is simple and straightforward.

Do not!

Do not seek to be interesting. 

Simply because… why? Why do you want to be interesting? Think about it? do you want to impress someone? Make friends maybe? Does your job require you to be interesting? Do you want to stand out?

If your job required you to be interesting and you’re not honey, they would have picked someone else!

If you look at it closely, you’ll find that you probably want to impress or fit in. 

I think we have evolved so much as humans in this day and age to care what people think… or is it just me? 

Note, not caring what people think does not mean you turn completely rogue and disrespectful. It does not mean that you stop listening to advice. Take it in the sense of filtering out negativity sent towards you. If you feel you are genuinely presenting yourself as yourself to someone else, it shouldn’t matter their reaction. You resist the need to change yourself because of someone else’s comments!

There is a lot of articles and posts out there on not caring about what other people think that I do not even want to add more drops to the ocean. 

That being said, I know first-hand it is difficult to ignore people’s comments and how they react towards you, after all we are humans. It’s like we are some kind of emotion-machines that go out of order whenever a button is pressed.. 

That is why I’ll have you check out fake it till you make it! Yes, it is a thing, and it works on almost everything!
It is about convincing your mind you are capable of doing certain things. It is literally the equivalent of ‘if you believe you can,  you can indeed’. It is the equivalent of believing in yourself. It’s just sort-of a formula of how you can go about doing it.

So don’t seek to be interesting, seek to be you! how can you be the best you?  what makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing? Find the best you and be content with that. Be too busy building yourself up and being the best you that you don’t even have time to tap into whether or not someone thinks you are interesting. That, in my opinion, is how you become interesting. When you are content with who you are and aligned with what makes you happy.

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Here’s what to remember!

you are interesting when:

·         You’re not trying!

·         You’re unapologetic-ally you!

·         You’re content with who you are and are aligned with what makes you happy!

…it’s about you.

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  1. It is so important to grow and evolve so you can be the best version of yourself!

  2. I love this! Being yourself is how to be interesting. I 100% relate to this! Before graduating college a bunch of literally talked about how we were gonna stay instagram interesting. So dumb now lol

  3. I absolutely love this post ! Is always good to be yourself and do you ! Personal development is the way . Thank you for sharing this .x

  4. Being you is good enough! You're unique and special and interesting just the way you are! Great post!

  5. I love this and the idea of being yourself! So many people try to be sromr else and it doesn't work

  6. This is Great! We have to be ourselves!

  7. I couldn't agree more! Being yourself is definitely top 2 of the most important things๐Ÿ’•


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