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by - January 01, 2019

Twenty eighteen has come to its graceful end. Through all the highs and lows I stand at this point looking back at it and Thinking “well, that wasn’t so bad”. It is good to look back at your accomplishments and celebrate them. Pat yourself in the back for simply, making it through. If you are here, able to read this post, you have achieved the greatest victory of them all, making it through! Regardless of how graceful or embarrassing it was. You did it and that makes you great!

I strongly believe in embracing both worlds. I believe we need both the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ in order to evolve as human beings. To be the best versions of ourselves. My 2018 surely had its fair share of lows and along with highlights and greatest achievements I stand today grateful for everything because I learnt from those experiences.

I cannot say 2018 was the worst year ever but, neither was it the best year of my life.  I feel like it was pretty flat. The past three years had been so as well.

I am currently completing my  B Sc degree and for those of you who don’t know, a B Sc degree is very very very consuming.  The past three years of my life existed in  campus six days a week then Sundays I’d still had to be doing school work… and I stay at home since my university is close to where I live.

I did  not get time to build myself up, the only time I would get off was recess. January and June excluded. I either had summers schools, winter schools or some other program to attend. This year was the same. Just  the past three years playing back again.

However, since this was my final year, I made a little change. I blocked what little life I had and focused completely  on my studies. I dedicated my time to making sure that I do not add another year to my degree and for what I could control, I did very well.   It was most certainly not fun! All the way, I longed for the year to end.

One of the lowest points of my 2018 was having the first ever huge dispute with one of my family members and I hope that I  will master the courage to  talk about it sometime soon but until then, let’s just pass the story off as ‘personal’… for now at least. In 2018 I had pretty embarrassing, but pretty amusing relationships. Maybe more embarrassing than amusing, no surprise there. These guys keep  saying that girls are complicated, well can I be the first, maybe the only, girl to say that I do not understand this male species? I don’t! 

but one thing that definitely takes the crown of been the most stressful point of my year was oddly the same thing that gave me the best experience of the year! A tutoring/ mentoring program I hosted at my university. The mini habitable planet workshop. In a nutshell, we tutor learners for a year, assess them, get them exposed to relevant resources for their studies, give them career guidance, take them to field trips and many such things. I was the leader with a wonderful team of seven people! We made it through together,  but it was no easy feat. For starters, besides being a first born to my mother, I had never led anything before. Apparently when you are a leader, literally everything hangs on your head. Literally everything! Who knew? It was awful and taxing. I had to juggle that and my schoolwork. I really wished I could give someone my shoes.

When I think best experiences of 2018, the first thing that comes to my mind is  ACTIVATE CHANGE DRIVERS! ACTIVATE is a youth leadership program that aims to build a network of driven young individuals with a passion to drive change in their communities, in the country and ultimately in the world. They Hone the leader in you. If you feel like you want your voice to be heard or you want to make any change in your community and don’t know how, ACTIVATE is the right program for you. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to  make connections, activate is the right program for you. the list goes on but why not take a moment to hop on their website for more information.

I wasn’t much of a leader when I went to activate,  just a thirst to engage in my community.  I learnt some invaluable information about leadership, our history and a whole lot more. I met a lot of wonderful individuals who have a passion for making a difference in the world and now, I am part of the network! 

as I said, the project I was hosting was also among the events that took me to cloud nine and if someone were to ask, ‘would you do it again?’ my answer would be an unwavering yes. Yes, I would and will do it again because no matter how hard it was for me, I did it and it felt very good whenever we solved a problem out of the many that kept popping from all directions. At  the end of the day my team and I  managed to get the work done.  We took wonderful field trips, the learners were a delight to interact with, they enjoyed it. The process that made the whole facilitation of the program possible was the one that sucked the daylights out of me.

The crown of the best experiences of 2018 has to go to my trip to sun city. The first ever tip I ever taken without my family and not for academic reasons. It was nothing fancy really. In fact, it was just a cheap trip my friend and I   planned out of a thirst for adventure…and boy was it an adventure. 

Well 2018 was not so bad for me. I did start a blog that I had put off for a few years. So maybe this year was not as flat as the other three years After all.I could  really use some more adventure in my life so if there is anything I could wish for in twenty nineteen is more adventure and meaningful, strong relationships!Happy new year. 2019 also has no user manual so who’s ready to wing it and make it their own?

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